My friends, my family and my readers really are what makes cooking so much fun for me! I'd like to introduce a few of the people who've been invaluable to me on this journey. Perhaps you'll be on the list! Here we go!



I met Shiying in February 2017, which I guess is actually quite recently, but since then we've shared so much together that it doesn't feel that way!





Shiying and I laughing through girls' nights out  at okonomiyaki and yakitori bars with our friend Maggie (we call these girls' only dates joshikai in Japan!) ; Shiying taking the time to carefully show me the beautiful leather bags she makes ; Shiying reminding me, at times when I've been feeling blue, of phrases from "The Little Prince" - a book we both love ... I'll never forget these moments, moments that transcend words or culture. Knowing that I made such a true friend in Shiying is something that will give me strength every step of the way, wherever I go from now on.




I was so happy to be able to get to Singapore for the opening of Shiying's studio this year. I'm soon going to post the recipe for a salad I made using the amazingly delicious fruit found there, paired with cheese from Switzerland.

Photo ©2018 by 錢工房 Senkoubou




I get quite nervous about taking the plunge to start new things, but it's thanks to Shiying - and our first collaboration project together - that I had the courage to launch this site. I'm so pleased that we can commemorate the launch with Shiying's gorgeous kitchenware.

We're living on opposite sides of the world now, and although we were sometimes challenged by the time difference, Shiying worked tirelessly, passing new design plans back and forth, always kindly, always ethically, always supporting me whatever the task at hand. Shiying - thank you!


Let's keep inspiring each other along this journey to be the best we can be!

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